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creative director Tony Humphreys
Akane is the black sheep in her family, living out a fantasy life online and after dark. One day she receives a message saying “I want to love you from the bottom of my heart”. The film depicts how the various members of her family, busily distracted by their own lives, fail to notice their lonely and emotionally insecure teenage daughter slipping into a dangerous online friendship, seeming to find the love she seeks ... but nearly paying for it with her life.
Suicide Love is Talent Films' third feature film. Tony Humphreys is executive producer of this Japanese Language film, a co-production with Tokyo Muse Films. Post-production is now complete and and we hope to announce some festival entries soon.
It has been produced and directed by debut director Cica Oyama. She studied at Tokyo's National University of Fine Arts and then at Goldsmiths College, University of London, where she studied film making. She began her career as a photographer whilst in the UK, working for magazines such as Vogue and 19, before returning to Japan to work in advertising, shooting adverts for Toyota, Coca-Cola, Mitsubishi Electric among others. She has won awards for her advertising work, including The Asahi Advertising Awards, The Clio Awards (New York), Kirin Contemporary Award, and the Japan Advertising Photographers’ Association Award.
This led to her move into personal film-making and she created two short films (Last Ecstasy and The Moon and the Sun, and...) which were shown at the New York and Sao Paulo Film Festivals. Suicide Love will be her first full-length feature film.
She says of Suicide Love: “The film expresses the pressures of the contemporary world and its dark areas where uncontrolled fantasy can become dreadful reality. It is laden with metaphors of isolation and alienation. I use the mobile phone to symbolise modern people and the way they travel through life with their eyes looking down all the time - unaware of the world around them.”
Shuntarô Yanagi
Hôka Kinoshita
Hako Oshima
Gitan Ôtsuru
Shôji Sadaoka
Rie Tsuneyoshi
Takashi Yûki
Main production credits
Cica Oyama
Tony Humphreys
executive producer
Shiro Oiwake
Osamu Ichikawa
Cica Oyama, Takaki Uda
Seitaro Takagi
Toshihiro Isomi
production design/management
Hideaki Jimbo
assistant director
Tetta Oyama
assistant director